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I'm NoT gAy!
flooble said that I am
Not Gay
(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
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I am a Capricorn. (Also known as "Goat") My Horroscope starts like this:
" Cruel, cold and heartless, the Capricorn has all the warmth of an iceberg in January. He is a tyrant at work and an inquisitor at home. " (Read more | Find yours)
why do i even try anymore?
Friday. 12.31.04 10:10 pm
why do even try anymore? ugh tht makes me mad! i hate trying to be who every one wants me to be! i try to be myself and i get called names because i am just a wee bit wierd! i am just gonna sit here on my butt and wish tht life could treat me better! well sorry this is so short i really have to go! buh bye heather

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Thursday. 12.30.04 12:02 pm
i think tht i really needed to write a new ebtry! tht one was frin along time ago! i really do still need to find a manbut hey tht is alright i think tht will i live!! i need some friends! no one ever comes to my site! mayeb i am a loser online! well i have to go! buh bye heather

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i need to find a man!
Thursday. 11.4.04 6:27 pm
hey hey hey! i am really bored!!!! ugh katie will not leave mikey alone and i is getting on my nerves! he probably thinks that i am telling her to bug him ! which i am not!!!!!! i hate it when she does that! o really do! he is never gonna ask me out and if i have realized that then she needs to and soon! he probably so tried of hearing my name that when he does he just blockes it out! now i just need to find a new guy but the problem is that i like him A LOT! that will be really hard considering how much i like him! ugh! i need to realy think about someting else! i am so mad right now because i forgot all my homework at school and that makes me so mad because i had a but load of homewrk and i just forgot about it. i wish that i had a life! well hey i g2g! buh bye luv alwayz, heather! #11

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w00t w00t i wish i had a life!
Tuesday. 10.26.04 6:50 pm
hey hey hey! i did not have as much fun as i expected to have at our after school party! lots of pizza though! te he ! ' evil laugh evil laugh evil laugh' i wish that i could re-decorate my room! it is so plain! i mean the only color on the wall is white! i mean come on here that i really lame! anyways! well anyways... today in socail studies mrs.chancellor was reading the school newspaper and it said the oppiste of your last name and i was just thinking that since my last name is lane then it would be street! haha ! this one girls was cambell so her last name would be progresso! hahahaha evil laugh! well.......i wish that i could be something for halloween but my dad got lazy and would not take me to look for a costume and that really pisses me off because i told that i wanted to tinkerball a long time ago and he still just sat there on his lazy but and did nothing! ugh! i ahte it whan parents just get lazy! the i like got a girl friend and i really wisht that it was me but of course it wasn't! all the i like have a g/f!! i need to get out more and meet even hotter guys than the ones that live in belton i am kinda getting tired of them! well sorry but i gotta jet! buh bye! luv heather!!

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i don't care wht you think i am butiful and i kno
Friday. 10.15.04 5:08 pm
mwahahahahahahahaha i am so bred right nowi just really don't know what to do! i get to go to kaylee's house and that meakes me happy i have not been on here for a long time so let me catch you up! this will probably take a long time so don't get bored plz i will try to keep it interesting! lots of little jr. high dramas of course! jor one thing you guys know thay i hate jessica curry but that is beside the fact that she said that she hopes that sam zubber messes up on her solo ! she told her that she was just joking but i know that she wasn't because she is the biggst b**** in school and she just is like that ! i mean a total back stabber! like the time she called me a b**** and she is the bi*** not me ! she even told me to the that she didin't call me that ugh i hate pplz like that they make me so mad and that would just make you mad too if you dind't even do anything to this girl and she jst called you a b****! now she i going out w/ will and that makes me mad because she knows that i like him and she is probably just doing that to get back at me for some strange reason! if you haven't guess me and jason broke up! but that was like a really long time ago so um yeah! well sorry but i gots to go ! buh bye heather

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Back stabber and some other um w00t w00ten ppl
Thursday. 10.7.04 7:09 pm
hey hey hey ! of course we lost uor game to ray-town! well i made it to play in the turni on sat. and some of the girls were saying that i bribred the coaches! yeah sure okay w/e i don't have anyting to bribe them w/. so there ya go pplz you know who you are, i didn't birbe them! some pls not saying any names JESSICA CURRY! were al talking crap on me and she got the stupid back up soloi and she sounds like a dieing cat! ya i said that JESSICA CURRY SOUNS LIKE A DIEING CAT WHEN SHE SINGS! mwahahaha iluv beeing mean to the biggest b**** in school! hahaha! okay maybe that was going allitle too far but heyshe has no right to sing just yo make fun of me and rubb it that she ddin't mees up on solo try-out and i did ! ugh i hate that little beep beep beepin beep! anger jusy flowin out of my fingers and onto the computer! i really don't care if any of yall jessica lovers see this beacuse it ia all truth! well g2g before there is not any keys left to type w/! buh-bye! heather lane

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